Use and maintenance of charger
Date:2018/7/10 17:22:11

The battery should choose a good quality brand so that it will be more comfortable, followed is a good charger. There is a well-known saying widely spread among the industry that batteries are charged out instead of worn out. So the choice of charger is very important.

1. Do not change the charger at will, use the charger correctly according to the instructions.

2. Before charging, confirm whether the charger plug (positive and negative electrode) matches the socket of the whole vehicle battery, prohibit using non-standard and low-quality chargers to charge the battery to avoid unnecessary damage of the battery.

3. The charger has high pressure, do not open the shell without authorization. It should be avoided use in public places and places where children are easy to touch. Find that the charger work is abnormal, please contact the after-sales service center or manufacturer.

4. Turn off the power lock of the electric vehicle when charging. Connect the outlet plug of the charger with the charging socket of the battery properly, then connect the input plug of the charger with the AC power supply, and the power supply indicates the red light. After charging, unplug the AC power plug, and then disconnect the charger and battery to avoid short circuit or contact with electric spark due to reverse operation, affecting the safety of use.

5. At this time, the charger indicator is red, indicating that the battery is on, when the green light is on, indicating that the battery is full. The charging time is about 3-8 hours (charging time depends on the capacity of electricity remaining in the battery).

6. Because the charger produces a certain heat during the charging process, it is recommended that the battery be charged in an open ventilation place. It is forbidden to cover the charger with foreign materials when charging, otherwise it is easy to damage the charger and battery, even cause fire accidents. In addition, it is also forbidden to immerse the charger in water or rain.

7. Batteries can be charged directly on the vehicle, or unloaded to indoors and carry to other suitable places to charge, should be charged indoors in winter and cold areas.

8. In case of special circumstances, the maximum continuous charging time is not more than 12 hours.

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