Use and maintenance of battery
Date:2018/7/10 17:21:27

In the maintenance of Electric Bicycle battery maintenance may be the most neglected link, many owners believe that the maintenance of battery is not painful, in fact if you do not develop good habits, it will also shorten the life of the battery or cause damage.

1. During the first charging, the time must be long enough to ensure the capacity full. For lead-acid batteries, regardless of the distance, after use must be immediately charged, do not charge until the power consumption is completely depleted. If long-term no use, it also needs charge monthly. In this way, the battery can be protected and the service life can be prolonged.

2. The characteristics of lead-acid batteries should be fully charged storage, do not charge until battery capacity empty, this will speed up the vulcanization of the battery plate, so that the battery capacity will quickly reduced, shorten the life.

3. Avoid sudden braking as far as possible during riding. Frequent sudden braking will affect the sensitivity of the brake and consume battery capacity, speed should not be too fast, the faster the speed, the greater the battery loss.

4. Regular charging to keep the battery in a full-charge state, conditional users should charge after using soon, but to grasp the total charge time.

5. Do not start the vehicle directly under static state. It is better to use your feet to help you to start at the same time. It is necessary to use pedal power during through bridge, uphill and drive against wind to avoid the impact damage to the battery, affecting the battery mileage and service life

6. During riding if need to accelerate, should slowly rotate the grip shifter to avoid accelerating to the fastest gear directly. Not only does this not increase the speed immediately, but it also produces an impulse current that can cause damage to the battery. Under the possible road condition, try to drive the electric vehicle at maximum speed.

7. Electricity shows that the battery has run out of power, after a period of time find that the battery has a small amount of voltage, known as the "rebound voltage". Users should not use this "rebound voltage" to drive.

8. Don't speed up suddenly sharply during riding. Sudden acceleration means that the battery needs a strong current discharge. It not only damages the electrode plate of the battery, makes the battery capacity drop rapidly, shortens the life span, but also easily burns down the key switch contacts.

9. Batteries are affected by ambient temperature, should be stored at 0-45and the best storage temperature is 20-25 C. Too low (-15 C) will reduce the 20%-30% of its effective capacity. It is suggested that charging or storage in winter should be indoors.

10. Periodic maintenance of batteries can reduce damage to batteries.

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