Use and maintenance of motor
Date:2018/7/10 17:20:57

Electric motor is the power converter of electric vehicle, which converts battery electric energy into mechanical energy and drives electric wheel to rotate, which is equivalent to the engine of automobile. Usually riding, we must care more about the motor, so that the car can better for you to walk.

1. The motor has been installed and debugged to the best state before sold. Do not disassemble and assemble electrical appliances and related components during use. If abnormal conditions such as abnormal noise of transmission parts and power failure are found during riding, should contact professional repairmen.

2. There is no need to adjust or maintain the motor in normal use, just do some cleaning work such as surface dust removal. Do not add lubricating oil to the transmission parts at will

3. When the riding distance reaches 2000 km, go to the professional maintenance center for maintenance, check the wear state of brush and deceleration mechanism in the motor, and replace the lubricating oil of the system.

4. If the motor is found hot (over 90), smoking, smell, abnormal noise or other abnormalities, it should be stopped immediately and sent to a long-term repair shop for treatment. Do not open the motor by yourself.

5. Vehicles should be avoided under overload, insufficient tire pressure or on long, steep slopes, otherwise the motor will be possibly burned.

6. Electric wheels should not be hit fiercely. Electric vehicles should not be forced to start under blockage. When the electric vehicle can not start because of obstruction, do not start repeatedly, should be excluded from the cause of electric vehicle obstruction then start the motor.

In addition, when riding at ordinary times, you can see whether the fastener of the rear fork, the nut of the electric hub is loose or not.

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