Use and maintenance of controller
Date:2018/7/10 17:20:22

Maintenance of electric vehicle controller is very important, not only related to the electric vehicle controller itself, but also related to the smooth and safe operation of the vehicle, and related to the lifespan of other parts of the vehicle.

1. Should pay attention to waterproof first, try not to let the controller exposed to the rain, install in a high place away from the ground to prevent rainy days immersion. Always pay attention to the appearance of the controller, which is conducive to heat dissipation, and the service life of the controller will be extended.

2. Electric vehicle controllers can not be overloaded for a long time, and the long time is easy to make the internal components of the controller aging, the controller performance reduction will  result in noise and power shortage.

3. When braking, cyclists should try to move as gently as possible. Too much action or frequent braking will cause damage to the electric vehicle controller, also affect riding safety. Especially in rainy and snowy days, the brakes should be paid attention and be cherished.

4. The check of the controller should be carried out in the case of power off, at least once every 3 months.

5. The temperature of the controller will increase with the increase of using time and the change of current. When the temperature reaches a certain value, the internal program will automatically power off. In this case, the vehicle can continue to use after 10-15 minutes of suspension.

6. Always clean the dust and sundries on the surface of the controller. You can use brushes or high pressure gas to remove dust.

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