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Cenbird Electric Bicycle

Cenbird electric bicycle was founded in the Millennium full of opportunities and challenges. After more than ten years of development, the company has a considerable scale and influence, and now has two major production bases in Jiangsu and Tianjin, Jiangsu production base covers an area of more than 40,000 square meters, plant more than 30,000 square meters. The Tianjin production base covers an area of 4 square meters and more than 3.8 square meters of factory buildings.

The company has a perfect development, production and sales service system, modern standard workshop, advanced assembly line, with the production capacity of 1 million electric vehicles. And owns the only dual engine hybrid engineering and technology center in the electric vehicle industry. Cenbird Electric Vehicle now has eight series of hundreds of models, the company has always adhered to the "high starting point, high standards, high quality" production and management policy, the production process of a comprehensive quality management. Strictly implement the "do not accept bad products, do not produce bad products, do not flow out of bad products" three non-principles!

The company has set up the enterprise idea of "pursuing excellence and creating brilliance", pursued the enterprise aim of "customer satisfaction, creating good brand for domestic and foreign customers", always adhering to the enterprise spirit of "pragmatic innovation" and dedicating better products to the public. In order to strengthen the brand building, as early as 2005, the company hired Li Bingbing, a famous international film star, as the image ambassador of the Cenbird brand. The company combines the brand effect with the star effect organically, further strengthens the Cenbird brand propaganda promotion dynamics, truly achieves the celebrity, the famous car, the famous brand!

The company took the lead in the industry through SGS quality certification, IS09001:2000 international quality system certification, EU CE / EN15194 quality certification. Products are exported to over 20 countries and regions,  become American Ford designated cooperative enterprises!At the same time, cooperate with partner OJO invited Lady Gaga to be spokeswoman, doing marketing in the United States!Cenbird Electric Vehicle has also been repeatedly rated as a national trustworthy product quality; China's famous brand; Chinese consumers feel assured to buy trustworthy products; National quality service satisfaction enterprises; National Household Appliances to the countryside winning brand; Changzhou Private Science and Technology Enterprise, Changzhou Famous Trademark, Changzhou Famous Brand Products of Jiangsu Province It has been awarded the title of reputation product by China Cycling Association, the sole partner of China Electric Vehicle Industry in Dakar Rally, and the designated special vehicle for the 8th China Flower Expo.

Cenbird gives us the confidence to fly.

Development History
Cenbird Culture
The reason why Cenird Electric Vehicle can have a "bird's eye view of the world" is that it has always built and improved its outstanding corporate culture. The company has always adhered to the implementation of modern enterprise management system, constantly improved the enterprise structure, and promoted the gradual internationalization of enterprises, laying a solid foundation for Century Bird Electric Vehicle to participate in domestic and international competition.
The foundation. The company has a series of reasonable and scientific rules and regulations, formed a fair and effective, practical supervision mechanism and incentive mechanism, and constantly improve the quality of management and management ability. Sincere dedication and service to society is the eternal pursuit and belief of the century birds. At the same time, the company breaks through the traditional thinking, broadens the talent, truly emphasizes the "people-oriented" strategy, while committed to the development of enterprises, pay attention to humanized management, for employees to create a good working atmosphere and development space, and enhance the cohesion of enterprises.
Century bird electric vehicle, flying higher and farther!
Cenbird Glory