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After-sales service

Warranty Time & Range (since the purchase date)
Accessory warranty range

Respected users: Thank you for using our electric vehicles. In order to protect your legitimate rights and interests, please read and strictly observe the following standards and precautions. When you use this it, please inspect, debug and have the right to ask the salesman to provide the correct operation methods and maintenance items, provide effective purchase tickets, warranty card, warranty address and telephone number.

A. The new car purchased may have insufficient battery power because of the time it has been transported and stored in the factory. Please be sure to charge the battery fully (the first charge recommended charge time is not less than 10 hours), and then use electric drive.
B. Do not use the minimum allowable voltage for every time, and keep full charge in time, the battery will work longer. Therefore, it is very important to develop the habit of charging in time every day, especially when using the lowest voltage without charging for long-term storage, which will cause great damage to the battery and shorten its life.
C. When you charge the battery, be sure to use the original charger of Cenbird Company (should be labeled with the word Cenbird). Otherwise, the company will not be responsible for the damage
D. The engine oil must be original oil of CenBird , otherwise the company will not be responsible for the engine damage.
E. Engine damage can not be privately disassembled or replaced non-cenbird accessories, should be sent to the nearby Cenbird service network for maintenance in time.
Please do not alter the body, cables, electrical components, engines and other related structures and performances without permission. Private modification of the parameters, cables and electrical components will result in the decline of performance or the failure of electrical devices and other situations, shorten the service life, the performance can not be effectively guaranteed. The Cenbird Company will not be responsible for the loss, and the users themselves should take responsible.

Body parts
Frame Deviation caused by welding, loosing welding, breaking and twisting can be replaced, improper use and collision can not be replaced. 12 months
Front fork (including front shock absorber), steering column, rear fork and rear shock absorber Welding, loosing welding, breaking, oil leakage can be replaced (except bearings), and man-made factors will not be replaced. 12 months
Front wheel Cracks, bursting and bearing external diameters seriously out of shape can be replaced, improper use and collision can not be replaced. 12 months
Seat Leather aging, breakage, base plate breakage can be replaced, overweight, man-made damage will not be replaced. 6 months
Hub brake, rear hub brake and rear expansion brake The hub cover fractured because of material can be replaced, and the brake covers are not in the warranty. 6 months
Rear hangers, kickstand Welding, loosing welding, breaking can be replaced. 3 months
Pigment parts The peeling and stripping area caused by the quality of the baking paint more than 2 square centimeters shall be replaced, and shall not be replaced by man-made or corrosion. 3 months
Cover tyre The route and inner tube damage caused by the quality problem can be replaced. (Normal wear and man-made damage not in the warranty) 1 months


Motor parts

Hoare, bearing vulnerable parts warranty for one year, lack of phase, burnout, demagnetization quality warranty for three years, special motor warranty for two years (side hanging teeth, brushless teeth motor, electric motors)

36 months

Electrical components
Controller, charger, converter, digital manager Performance failure beyond repair and can be replaced. 12 months
Flasher, horn, burglar alarm, meter, lock brake, grip shifter, power off switch. Performance failure beyond repair and can be replaced. 6 months

Special notice
1. The above table is the benchmark, exceeding the time limit and scope of the "Warranty" shall be deemed to exceed the "Warranty" service.
2. If the user fails to correctly use as stipulated in the "Instructions", the failure caused by maintenance and adjustment shall not be covered by Warranty.
3. Damage caused by fumigation, corrosion of drugs and chemicals and irresistible factors such as earthquakes, typhoons, floods and fires shall not be covered in Warranty.
4. Users who do not repair at Cenbird Service Station or designated maintenance networks, modify, decompose and destroy the state of spare parts by themselves, and other spare parts caused by using non-original parts, altering circuits and configurations without authorization, are not covered in Warranty, the users themselves shall bear all relevant responsibilities.
5. Collision, impact, overload and other man-made factors are not covered in Warranty.
6. No maintenance cards, invoices, receipts or dates do not match not covered in Warranty.
7. Deliberately alter warranty dates not covered in Warranty.
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